Hope Center  

located in:

Grangeville and

Kamiah, Idaho




A place to

learn  and grow


Care to be a volunteer at one of our Centers? We need people to lead our classes, to greet people and answer the phone, and to work on special projects. If you are interested, please call 208-983-0093 or download the application, fill it out, and mail it to PO Box 504, Grangeville ID 83530.


Calling All Kids!


Hope Center Grangeville, located at 111 N. College St. in Grangeville, Idaho, has classes and a new Saturday Morning Fun for Kids group just for you!

The Saturday Morning Fun for Kids group meets on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00-12:00. All kids ages 5-9 are invited. Here's what we do:  hear Bible stories, watch kid-friendly DVDs, enjoy snacks, singing, and a craft time.

Kids ages 10 and up are invited to come to the meetings, too, and be helpers to serve snacks, read books, lead songs, and help with the craft. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, November 1st. Our monthly focus will be on Thanksgiving.

Parents are invited to attend - or you can drop off your kids and do errands - or enjoy a cup of coffee next door at the Crema!

Free classes are available for kids ages 5-12. With parental approval, they can take some fun and informative classes on Mondays until 5:00 or on Wednesdays/Fridays until 4:00. The classes are based on DVDs in cartoon form, which makes them a lot of fun. They deal with the following:

How to Do Your Homework Without Throwing Up!

(some practical ways to get all your homework done)

Dealing With Bullies

(Have your kids been bullied? Here are ideas on how they can handle it)

Manners 101

(Manners really ARE important, and here's why)

Take Care of Your Body - It's the Only One You Have!

(Learn how to get healthier and stay that way)

Taking the "Duh" Out of Divorce

(Helps kids find ways to cope when divorce comes into your family)

Facing Fears

(Everybody has them. Here are some tips on how to conquer them.)


(What they are and how to survive without them)

With You All the Way

(Help for kids when a parent is deployed in the military)

Classes are available one-on-one or in small groups. Call for an appointment: in Grangeville 983-0093. Also available at our center in Kamiah 935-0376.