The Truth About Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs With Horses

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs with Horses have seen a surge in popularity over the last five years. Many owners who have long been supporters of holistic horsemanship and medication rehabilitation find that it is hard to resist the calming effects that holistic medicine provides for their beloved equine friends. Equine professionals, too, are recognizing the benefits of equine dual diagnosis rehabilitation and are embracing it as a means to improve equine health. The results can be immediate, as many horses who have undergone these programs have shown signs of improvement on an outpatient basis after two or three days of treatment.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine recognizes that the cause of disease in human beings is usually a combination of genetics, lifestyle, the environment, and the individual’s mindset. For animals, this is not necessarily so. As such holistic medicine has designed special equine rehabilitation programs that will address the horse’s genetics, lifestyle, and environment, while keeping the horse at a relaxed stress level and allowing him or her to access the relaxing abilities that are natural to horses. A horse can become ill, just like a human, but because of the changes taking place in the horse’s DNA and lifestyle, it can be easier for the horse to successfully recover when given a holistic healing approach. It is also easier to help the horse to return to his or her normal state of mind when the environment and treatment options are customized for him or her.

How Do These Dual Diagnosis Problems Work?

Dual Diagnosis programs work through a systematic approach that addresses the underlying causes of illnesses in horses. Horse professionals create specific programs to target specific symptoms and behaviors. These programs are then tailored for each horse individually, so that the most appropriate holistic medicine is being used for the horses’ individual illnesses. When a holistic medicine approach is used on a regular basis, it is more likely that the horses’ illness will improve.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Therapy Becoming Popular?

Dual Diagnosis therapy is becoming more popular because of its proven effectiveness. A good program will teach a horse owner how to recognize the signs of an illness and what to do about them. It will also give the horse owner the tools he or she needs to administer the correct treatment. Horse professionals will teach the horse handler how to use the appropriate tools to make the horse’s life easier during an illness. Because of their dedication to equine health, Dual Diagnosis treatment programs will make sure a horse recovers from his or her illness in as timely a fashion as possible.

One of the best parts of a holistic program is that it will address the horse’s diet. Holistic practitioners believe that a horse’s diet can have a significant impact on his or her overall health. In horses that are able to be cured of an illness through a change in diet, it will be possible to dramatically reduce the amount of time the horse is in the hospital or unable to be ridden. This may seem obvious to many, but it is something that few people understand about horse nutrition.


In the past, many people in the horse world did not believe that holistic or alternative treatments could be as effective as traditional medicine. However, with the increasing popularity of horseback riding, more people are becoming open to the idea of non-traditional treatments such as holistic therapy. If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with a condition, it is important to try to find a good equine clinic near you. There are a number of quality programs available to choose from, depending on the condition that the horse has. As always, consult with your vet to make sure that your horse is getting the best care possible.

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